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If you were planning to go to into surgery as a career, you would probably want to attend the best medical school in the country. Things should be no different for anyone planning to pursue a truck driving career. Going to one of the best training schools in the business means getting the best possible education and training prior to beginning work. We believe the HGV Training Centre should be your first choice.

As a UK-based truck driving academy, we have spent years developing our services and reputation. We train hundreds of new drivers every month who eventually go on to be very successful professionals that contribute a great deal to both their employer’s success and the health of the overall economy. Our drivers make us proud.


The HGV Training Centre also works with an extensive list of corporate clients across the country. This work includes individual training for new drivers just starting out, as well as ongoing company-specific training and Driver CPC programmes. Any individual or corporate client needing any form of commercial driver training can rely on us for proven results. Our truck driving programmes are second to none.

New Driver Training

It is fair to say that most of the drivers who pass through our doors are new drivers just beginning their truck driving careers. Hundreds of men and women looking to embark on a driving career choose us as their training partner because of the high-quality services and training courses we are known for. They also find training convenient, due to the fact that we have more than four dozen facilities across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Our training programmes for new drivers can be customised to adapt to the needs and learning pace of each student. For example, each new student is provided state-of-the-art software designed to help him or her prepare for the HGV theory test. Students can prepare by themselves exclusively with that software, or combine their independent study with a theory test preparation classes at one of our centres. We take care of booking the theory test whenever a candidate is ready to take it.

The practical skills portion of our training includes numerous courses designed to impart the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the final DVSA test. Again, students can work through these courses at their own pace. While the average student completes the entire process between eight and ten weeks, some choose to take a bit longer.

Driver CPC Training

Driver CPC requirements implemented by the government a few years ago now require all new drivers to undergo CPC training before they earn their commercial licences. However, the certificate awarded at the completion of this training is only good for five years. Professionals who want to continue their truck driving careers must renew their certificates with an additional 35 hours of training. That training can be taken at any point during the fifth year of the driver’s current certificate.

These regulations provide us the opportunity to offer ongoing Driver CPC training for both individuals and company drivers. We provide the necessary training to a large number of independent contractors who work for themselves and pay for the training on their own. At the same time, we also offer Driver CPC to entire fleets of drivers working for the same company.

You should know that the HGV Training Centre is an approved truck driving academy under the Driver CPC scheme. If you scroll to the bottom of any page on our website, you will see the Driver CPC logo accompanied by our approved facility number. This logo and number demonstrate that our CPC courses meet or exceed all of the standards set forth by the government.

Corporate Training Opportunities

The staff here at the HGV Training Centre is especially excited about all of the opportunities we have to offer corporate training. This kind of training enables us to customise what we offer to meet the unique needs of a given client. As an example, consider a haulage company whose operations deal mainly with hazardous petroleum products. Transporting these kinds of products requires additional knowledge and skill sets that the average truck driver does not possess.

We can work with that client to help a select group of drivers earn their ADR certificate for transporting hazardous materials. We can even train some of those drivers to become expert supervisors in hazardous materials transport. The training can be customised specifically to the client without compromising quality or requiring an excessive financial investment.

For decades, we have been working with motoring companies of all sizes across the UK. Some of our clients have completely turned over all of their training operations to us, preferring to let us worry about training so they can concentrate on whatever it is they do best. Other companies contract with us on a case-by-case basis. Either way, we are flexible enough to meet the driver training needs of all our corporate clients.

Our Commitment to Customer Care

We did not become a truck driving academy with more than four dozen training centres by accident. Indeed, the strength of our brand lies in our commitment to caring for each and every customer – whether a customer is an individual driver or corporate client. We give every person who walks through our doors the kind of personalised and committed attention they deserve and expect.

To that end, we have developed training procedures over the years that maximise learning potential while minimising the amount of time spent in training. Our training approach incorporates the following strategies:

Truck driving is not a career suitable for anyone and everyone. Likewise, not every truck driving academy is well suited to producing the best drivers in the business. The HGV Training Centre is. We have decades of proven experience along with a track record that includes first-time pass rates consistently above 90%. Our training philosophy and methodology produces results.

Whether you are an individual considering a truck driving career or an operations manager looking for a long-term training partner, the HGV Training Centre wants to speak with you. We hope you will give us the opportunity to demonstrate how we can be of service as you pursue your driver training goals. We offer comprehensive training, affordable classes, convenient locations, and a commitment to your success rarely found in the training industry.

Other Truck Driving Information

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