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DSA Offers Multiple Ways to Practice for LGV Test

Posted on Jul 15, 2013 by Prath520

Individuals looking to become LGV drivers need to pass a theory test prior to beginning practical skills training. The theory test is designed to assess your knowledge of general highway safety and hazard identification and prevention.READ MORE

Coal Workers Pursuing New Careers through HGV Training

Posted on Jul 05, 2013 by Prath520

The closing of several prominent collieries in Scotland has left hundreds of workers unemployed and with no real prospects. Fortunately, some of them are taking advantage of HGV training to begin a new career behind the wheel. According to the Cumnock Chronicle, potential new drivers are receiving assistance through a number of agencies working together..READ MORE

VOSA Concerned about Van Driver Safety

Posted on Jun 28, 2013 by Prath520

The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) recently voiced its concern over safety issues regarding drivers in the light commercial vehicle (LCV) category. Unfortunately, they also drew some conclusions that seem a bit suspect. In an attempt to explain a higher than average accident rate among van drivers, the agency has attempted to link it..READ MORE

LGV Drivers Dispute Parking Adequacy

Posted on Jun 14, 2013 by Prath520

The UK’s Department for Transport recently conducted a survey that showed more than 40% of LGV drivers are not using the proper overnight parking spaces for night-time rest periods. The department claims the number of existing spaces is adequate for industry needs. LGV drivers respectfully disagree.READ MORE

Leeds Bridge May Be Off-Limits to Some LGVs

Posted on Jun 04, 2013 by Prath520

In March 2011, 35-year-old Edward Slaney was crushed to death when a gust of wind blew over a passing LGV. The accident happened at Bridgewater Place in Leeds, West Yorkshire, near the Victoria Bridge in the city centre. And according to BBC News, local officials are contemplating making sure such accidents do not happen again.READ MORE

Arson Destroys 12 Tipper Trucks the Brentwood

Posted on May 29, 2013 by Prath520

Fire and police crews responded to a construction yard near Brentwood early last week, after a truck fire near the M25 was reported. Upon arrival, they discovered not one truck fire, but a dozen. Apparently, arsonists had broken into the yard and set fire to 12 tipper trucks being used in the current M25 widening..READ MORE

Kids Getting LGV Training of Their Own

Posted on May 14, 2013 by Prath520

A few weeks back we reported on an education program designed to give drivers of heavy goods vehicles some understanding of what it’s like to ride a bicycle in the midst of HGV traffic. It is an excellent program that helps drivers gain new perspective so they can better anticipate how cyclists might behave. In..READ MORE

LGV Driver Training Sometimes Requires More

Posted on May 10, 2013 by Prath520

When drivers attend a typical LGV driver training session, like the ones offered by the HGV Training Centre, things like highway safety and hazard prevention are normal topics. In fact, the basic areas of learning are required to pass the LGV theory and practical skills tests. But what about the driver who works for a..READ MORE

Reduce Fuel Costs with Van Driver Training

Posted on May 09, 2013 by Prath520

For the month of April 2013, the AA reported an average price of 139.9 pence per litre for unleaded petrol in the UK. Petrol prices may be falling slightly, but they are up more than 50% from just a few years ago. No one understands the implications of this more than companies operating van fleets..READ MORE

Clock Ticking for the LGV Driver

Posted on May 03, 2013 by Prath520

Last month we published a blog post reminding LGV drivers about the new CPC requirements being forced on the industry. Whether we like it or not, the new training is mandatory. That means the clock is now ticking on the LGV driver who wants to remain employed after September of next year. The rule changes..READ MORE


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