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There is no getting around the fact that anyone who hopes to operate a minibus, bus, or coach professionally must have one of the four PCV licences. And in order to get a licence, the new driver must undergo PCV driver training offered by a competent and trustworthy company. The HGV Training Centre is one of those companies. For decades, we have been offering low-cost, top-quality training courses to both individual and company drivers.


Our claims of low-cost and top-quality are not made flippantly or as mere marketing phrases. They are claims we prove every day our doors are open. If you have been thinking of undertaking PCV driver training, we urge you to compare us to the competition and then make your choice based on the facts. We are confident the HGV Training Centre belongs on your shortlist of potential training partners.

Please bear in mind that we are a training provider only. We are not an approved testing centre, nor are we a direct employment recruiter (we do offer job placement assistance to all of our graduates). We focus on providing our customers with the best possible training they need to begin a new professional driving career or further their current career path.

Our Low-Cost Training

You have probably heard of the ongoing driver shortage now gripping most of Europe and North America. Here in the UK, you might also know that one of the biggest hindrances to recruiting drivers is the cost of HGV and PCV driver training. We understand this reality all too well. Therefore, we make every effort to keep our costs as low as possible. We even cut them when we can – even while our competition sometimes seeks to raise their prices.

Why do we work so hard to keep our costs down? There are a couple of reasons:

We would not publish our rates in a guide of this nature because they vary from one course to the next. Bear in mind that we train for the full range of professional driving licences including all classes of Category C and Category D. We also offer training for forklifts, horseboxes and horsebox trailers, caravans, and utility trailers. With so many choices on offer, there are also different rates that apply to each one.

What we can tell you is that you will spend a fraction on PCV driver training compared to what you might spend to earn a two or four-year university degree. When you train with us, you are paying only for the training and materials. You do not have to pay for extra housing costs, university application fees and charges, additional transportation costs, and so on.

Our Top-Quality Training

We would not remain in business for very long if the quality of our training were inadequate. Yet the HGV Training Centre goes beyond mere adequacy in our training programmes. We continually strive to be best-in-class in terms of quality, just as we have every year since our company first opened decades ago. We continually develop our training programmes to keep them relevant, effective, and compliant with all regulations and industry best practices.

The quality of our training can be seen from the very first moment you enter the doors of one of our facilities. For example, every new student undergoing PCV driver training immediately receives two packets of information along with a free software package. The information packets relate to the PCV medical exam and the provisional entitlement application; the software package is for theory test preparation.

Where the medical exam is concerned, we provide the actual paperwork, an instruction sheet, and a complete list of doctors throughout the UK offering medical exams at very good prices. We even assist our students in making sure their medical paperwork is in order so that the doctor can submit it in a timely manner.

As for the provisional entitlement, you must apply for and receive it before you can begin training. Our information packet includes the applications and complete instructions. And like the medical packet, we provide our students with any assistance they might need to correctly complete the applications and submit them promptly.

The quality of our training also shines through by way of the following:

The quality of our HGV and PCV driver training can be summarised in a single word: commitment. Simply put, the entire staff at the HGV Training Centre is 100% committed to your success. There would be no point to us remaining in business otherwise.

Start Training Right Away

We applaud your interest in undertaking PCV driver training for the purposes of being a professional minibus, bus, or coach driver. Now we hope you will take the next step by signing up for one of our training courses. There is no need to wait. Contact us right now to learn more about course offerings, class schedules, and pricing.

We operate more than four dozen training facilities throughout the country. So many locations make training as convenient as possible for our students. If you are worried about cost, there is no need to be. We work with Pay 4 Later to provide affordable student financing on every course on offer. Be sure to ask about it when you contact the HGV Training Centre.

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