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We have long maintained that passing your PCV licence tests is not necessarily a complicated task if you have a mind to learn and the physical and mental skill to drive professionally. However, there are certain qualities and training characteristics that make it easier to pass the tests the first time. Those are the things we focus on here at the HGV Training Centre, in addition to imparting the knowledge our students need to pass.


We are very successful at what we do because our training philosophy includes utilising only experienced instructors who have spent time as professionals in the field. In other words, our instructors were professional drivers at some point during their careers. Some may still continue to drive professionally from time to time. We believe this experience is invaluable in preparing our students for their PCV licence exams.

When you train with us, you will undergo a series of classes that have been designed to prepare you for each of the four required tests. Those tests, under the new Driver CPC requirements, are as follows:

  1. PCV theory test – a two-part test consisting of multiple-choice and hazard perception
  2. Case studies test – an exam involving at least seven case studies utilising real-world scenarios
  3. Driving skills test – the test necessary for evaluating your driving skills
  4. Practical demonstration test – a ‘show me, tell me’ test demonstrating you can do basic PCV-related tasks.

Please note that the two-part theory test can be taken during the same session or booked separately. Like all of your tests, you can book the theory test online using the GOV.UK website. However, we will book the test for you if you utilise the HGV Training Centre for test preparation classes. As for the driving skills and practical demonstration tests, they are typically taken during the same session at the completion of your training. We book those on your behalf as well.

How We Train Drivers

We believe we have established one of the best training models for students looking to earn an HGV or PCV licence. Our methodology is based on an understanding that most drivers learn best in short, concentrated bursts. There are exceptions to every rule, of course, but we have found it better to focus and concentrate training in shorter increments rather than putting our students through long and cumbersome classes that require learning and remembering large amounts of information that may or may not be related.

Our training method is beneficial to most students in a number of different ways:

Our training approach works as evidenced by the fact that approximately 92% of our students pass the PCV theory test the first time. Across all of our training programmes and tests, we consistently achieve first-time pass rates in excess of 90%. The reality is that focused, concentrated training in short bursts works.

Important Tips for PCV Students

We asked our instructors what they believe the most important tips for PCV students are. Remember, our instructors are also licenced drivers themselves. They are able to see both sides of the training process as a result. Their insight is invaluable to the continual development of our training programmes and in helping our students make the most of their training courses.

The one tip that consistently makes it to the top of the list is this: commit yourself 100% to learning. Far too many people approach training as an unimportant exercise only necessary because the government says it is. Such a flippant attitude immediately hinders the ability to learn. The attitude you take to training will be the biggest factor influencing whether or not you succeed – make it positive.

The rest of the tips provided by our trainers are as follows:

We have not become the first name in professional driver training by not preparing students to pass. In fact, it is just the opposite. Our excellent reputation is rooted in the reality that the vast majority of our students pass their tests on the first try. You really have nothing to get stressed about when you train with HGV Training Centre.

Get Started Right Away

If you have ever thought about getting your PCV licence in order to drive a bus or coach professionally, there is no better time than right now to get started. We have new classes forming on a regular basis at all of our training centres scattered throughout the UK. Furthermore, our training programmes are designed to get our students fully trained and licenced in a matter of weeks.

We take great pride in preparing our students in a way that virtually guarantees they will pass their PCV licence tests. And in the event we have a student that seems to be struggling, our instructors provide the extra help and support necessary to overcome the struggles. In the end, training is about preparing students to pass their tests. We do everything we can to make that reality. And by the way, we do it very well.

Other Useful Information

To find out more about whether PCV driving could be a career path for you please click on any of our further reading below:


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