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For towing a horse trailer the licence requirements depend entirely on the vehicle towing the trailer. There are multiple licences pertaining to the type of vehicle being driven and the size and weight of the trainer. For students looking to take a course with us it’s incredibly confusing, which is why we have outlined below the various licences you might need. Although there are a variety of licences, it’s ideal to possess them all so there are no problems with the type of work you can take on in the future.

Car and Trailer

The simplest form of horse towing is the car and trailer. Attach a trailer to the back of the car and you can transport most smaller horses around the country without any problems. It’s known as the ‘B+E’ licence and allows you to tow anything up to 3.5 tonnes. Anything over this limit requires a different licence. For most new UK drivers it’s necessary to take a course in this, but for those who obtained their licence before 1997.towing-a-horse-trailer

Taking the ‘B+E’ course with us only lasts three days. Since you already know how to drive a car before taking this course, it’s just a matter of getting to grips with the use and maintenance of the trailer itself. As soon as you finish the three days we’ll have your exam booked at a centre as close to you as possible.

Large Vehicle and Trailer

Towing a horse trailer for larger horses or multiple horses at one time around the country involves a different class of licence due to the significant difference in weight. Firstly, if you are starting from scratch you need the category ‘C1’ licence. It allows you to drive vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes and can come in handy for driving horseboxes, as well, which is always a bonus. Take this course before attending to the trailer licence. It should only require a week before you are ready to take your exam.

The ‘C1+E’ licence comes afterwards and enables you to tow a trailer behind your larger vehicle. Again, this takes about a week to complete. On a side note, it’s strongly advised you take a full category ‘C’ course since the ‘C1’ licence comes with it. It takes slightly longer, but it’s much more efficient and gives you additional driving skills in the future.

Fulfil It with Us

If you want to obtain any of these licences you have most certainly come to the right place as the HGVT (HGV Training Services LTD) Training Centre is a premier learning provider. Here are some of the reasons why we offer so much to new learners:

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