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Have you ever wondered why you see so many articulated lorries and package delivery vans travelling through Leicestershire every day? It’s all because of the East Midlands Airport. More on that in just a minute, but first we want to encourage you to consider HGV training in Leicestershire if you want one of those driving jobs. The jobs are out there; you just need a commercial driving licence to get one.

As for the airport, East Midlands is second only to London Heathrow in the amount of freight that passes through it. Big-name companies such as DHL, UPS, TNT, and Lufthansa Cargo all have operations there, moving goods and freight in and out of the country at breakneck speed. They need a lot of trucks and vans to provide peripheral support.

Of course, other things are going on in Leicestershire as well. All of the towns in the county have local economies that depend on lorries and buses for the transport of cargo and people. Furthermore, all of those vehicles need licenced drivers to get them where they are going. Haulage and transport are a thriving industry in Leicestershire that you can be a part of. If you want to know more, you need only call to enquire about our HGV training in Leicestershire.


Training You Can Afford

We market our training as being among the cheapest you can find in Leicestershire. Rest assured we do not mean ‘cheap’ as in ‘low-quality’. What we mean is that our training is affordable for almost any budget. We work hard to keep it that way. The founders of our company were determined that their primary mission was going to be one of encouraging as many new drivers as possible to enter the industry. They knew that in order to do that, the price of training had to be kept reasonable.

We are able to provide cheap training by employing a number of important strategies:

If you are interested in knowing more about whether or not HGV training in Leicestershire is affordable, you only need to call us on our freephone number. One of our training specialists will walk you through the classes we offer to determine what you can afford and what is right for you. When you call, be sure to ask about our financing package.

As the cheapest HGV provider in the region, we have developed a financing package that allows you to train today while paying for your training over time. Offering financing enables us to get more students into training than would otherwise be possible. With financing, you can probably afford to obtain your HGV or PCV licence.

High Quality, Low Price

There is an old adage that says you get what you pay for. In other words, buying discount products and services usually means getting the lowest possible quality. Here at the HGV Training Centre, we are an exception to that rule. Even though our HGV training in Leicestershire is reasonably priced, we do not skimp on quality. Furthermore, we can prove it.

Obtaining a commercial driving licence is a matter of proving to the DVLA that you possess the knowledge and skills to drive safely. It is no different whether you are attempting to get a Category B or C licence. What does that tell us? It tells us that testing is the only means the government has of determining whether or not a candidate is qualified to possess the desired licence. It also tells us that testing is the key to success.

The whole point of taking HGV training in Leicestershire is to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to pass the theory, case studies, driving skills, and practical demonstration tests. If you cannot pass the tests, you cannot get a licence. Therefore, the most important measure of success for any training company is whether or not their students pass. Ours do.

Annual statistics show that the average LGV pass rate is about 55%. That sounds okay until you step back and consider our pass rate. More than 90% of our students pass each of their exams the first time they are taken. It is clear that we do not skimp on quality even though our classes are very affordable.

Our Training Approach

Hopefully, what you have learned so far has piqued your interest. We now want to close out this guide by explaining our training approach. It may be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, but it will be effective in preparing you for the tests you need to take to get your licence.

Our training approach relies on three things: an intense pace, short bursts of information, and practice. Allow us to explain.

Rather than long classes that take hours to teach a single topic, we prefer to move much more quickly. We employ a fast and intense pace that builds one concept on top of another in quick succession. This is made possible by presenting information in short bursts. While this may sound intimidating, we have discovered this is the way most people learn naturally.

Think of your individual situation. Do you learn best by listening to lectures for three hours, or is it better for you to learn a single concept, implement it, and then move on to the next concept in short order? Most people naturally learn the second way. That is what our methodology is based on. We teach quickly and in short bursts, followed by the opportunity to implement in practice what has been learned. Our training approach:

Rest assured that students who struggle are not left hanging. Our instructors are trained to look for warning signs of struggle and, after identifying them, come alongside students and provide all of the extra help and support they need to get through. Furthermore, we do not push students into testing if they are not ready. It is more important to us that students be fully prepared so they can take a test with confidence.

You Can Train Quickly

Now that you know the basics of our cheap training, one last thing you need to know is that you can begin your training right away by contacting us. We will get you started as quickly as we can with the HGV medical and provisional entitlement paperwork. We will also help you book your theory test and provide practice software and preparation classes. As soon as you have your provisional entitlement and a passing grade on the theory test, you can immediately start practical skills training.

Just think, if you register for HGV training in Leicestershire today, you could have your licence and begin looking for work in less time than it takes to complete a single semester of university. What are you waiting for?

Further Information

If you would like to find out more about HGV driving the following articles may be of assistance:


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